Tips on how to tie various fishing knots

There are 3 commonly used knots when fishing.  Here we will cover the proper technique in tying those knots.

Uni KnotUni-Knot

The Uni-knot is the most common used knot for tying line onto tackle or leaders.

  1. Pass the line through the eye of your tackle at least twice, leaving 12″ for your knot.
  2. Loop the tag end around the standing line, then pass the tag end through your loop 8 to 10 more times.
  3. Pull the tag end to tighten the knot, making sure the  8-10 wraps snug down neatly.
  4. Pull the standing line to jam the knot against your  tackle eye, then trim the tag end.



Palomar KnotPalomar Knot

The Palomar knot is the easiest knot to master for tying line onto tackle or leaders.

  1. Make a 10″ loop in the line, then pass it through the eye of your tackle.
  2. If the eye is big enough, pass the loop through a second time.
  3. Tie a simple overhand knot, but don’t pull it tight.
  4. Pass your tackle through the loop.
  5. Pull on your standing line to tighten the knot, then trim.



Reverse KnotReverse Knot

The Reverse knot is used when attaching to lines together.

  1. Double your line (white), leaving a 1/2″ loop at the end. Wrap the line (white) around the 2nd line (blue) 10 to 12 times, leaving your loop open and opposite the line (blue) tag end.
  2. Pass the line (blue) tag end through the line (white) loop.
  3. Pull on both lines to tighten the knot, jamming the wraps together.

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