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No matter how you get to Canada, or what fishing package you decide on, we have included this one-stop map that shows all the useful destinations for your trip. For the guests visiting our Canadian Outpost on Hidden Lake, we have included local grocery stores. This map also shows our private seaplane bases located in Bissett Manitoba, Pine Falls Manitoba, and Winnipeg Manitoba. Also included are directions to our recommended lodging for the evening before your early float plane departure to start your Canadian fishing trip. Whether you fly or drive the day before your private float plane departure the next morning, we have shared our favorite restaurants to have a nice meal on the evening your group finally gets together for the big following day.


Okay, now that you have planned where to stay, eat, and relax the night before your arrival let’s talk about Trophy fishing again. Here is a link to some guide maps for our river and lake maps. We have also captured a lot of the action on the water in our fishing videos for your viewing pleasure.

While you are in the planning stage of your fishing trip just remember one thing, Cobham is here to help! If at any point during the planning phase of your trip whether buying airline tickets, booking hotels, or what to order from the grocery store we are here with 40+ years of experience to help you. We also have our frequently asked questions, and what to pack guides to help plan your Canadian fishing trip.