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Canada Fishing What to Pack

Note: Baggage limit is 75 lbs per person from Bissett airbase, 55 lbs per person from Winnipeg airbase. Weigh your bags, food boxes, and fishing gear before you leave home using a bathroom scale.
Don’t load coolers with ice before you leave, we have ice at both Cobham River Lodge and Hidden Lake Outpost.
For easier handling, baggage should be packed no heavier than 40 lbs. per bag, box, or cooler.

Remember baggage limit. Being Overweight will cost you 2.00 per pound.

75 or 55 lbs? how on Earth am I going to do that! Well, let me start by saying it’s very easy if you follow a few steps below.

Excess tackle: You probably don’t need 5 of each spoon. It starts to add up and the tackle box alone can have over 10 lbs of extra lures. Having 1 extra spoon of your favorite will be sufficient. Odds are if you go through both spoons, someone in your group will be willing to “Trade” with you an extra spoon they have. If your tackle box weighs more than 10 lbs you may have a problem!
Excess Clothing: 7 pairs of jeans and 7 sweatshirts will prove to be excessive. We suggest having some warm sweat pants that will save weight and limit yourself to either 1 jacket to save on needing a sweatshirt every day. If you are worried about being cold, long underwear is a better alternative paired with a long sleeve shirt and jacket. That combination can be used for multiple days.
Laptops: While we do have wifi, we find that most guests spend their time interacting with each other each night. Work doesn’t seem to be a top priority for our guests so maybe bring a tablet for surfing the web instead of the 8-10 lb laptop bag.
Beer/Soda/Bottled Water: We HIGHLY recommend you don’t try to fit this on your plane. We can arrange for these items to be sitting at the camp before you arrive. For the average group, beverages equal 40 lbs/person, which in turn leaves only 15-35 lbs for your gear. As an example, 24 cans weigh 20 lbs. In addition to your airplane, we charter freight airplanes throughout the season to make sure your refreshments are in place. If you bring in liquor bottles we suggest looking for a plastic bottle option.
12V Battery for CPAP:
If you let us know, we will have one waiting for you. No need to bring your own.
12V Battery for Fish Finder:
Just let us know and we will have one ready for you.
Weights for Buoys:
We have plenty of rocks and rope free of charge.

Personal Gear

Fishing Gear

Personal Gear

Fishing Gear

Additional Items needed for Hidden Lake Guests

Canned Food: Avoid canned food and opt for boxed food (NOTE: Canned Baked Beans and Cream Corn provided at Hidden Lake for our guests)
Cooking Oil: Canola Oil is provided at Hidden Lake outpost for our guests.


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