Captivating Photos of Walleye from Cobham River Lodge

Trophy Walleye Photo Gallery

Dive into a fun-filled fishing adventure at Cobham River Lodge, where the clear Manitoba waters are full of lively walleye. Our place is all about making your walleye fishing trip both thrilling and peaceful amidst nature’s beauty. The real excitement kicks in when you’re about to reel in a big walleye. Check out our gallery filled with awesome photos of walleye, each snapshot telling its own exciting fishing story. These photos of walleye not only show the joy of the catch but also the cool vibes of being out in the wild.

One sunny morning at Cobham River Lodge, our group was all pumped up for a day of walleye fishing on Cobham River. We headed out with our fishing gear, dreaming of catching trophy walleyes.

The day was slow at first, but then suddenly, I felt a massive tug on my line. After a fierce tug-o-war with the reel, cheered on by my friends, I finally pulled in a huge trophy walleye. It was a thrilling moment I’d never forget.

That day, our photos of walleye weren’t just about the fish, but the fun and camaraderie we shared on this adventure, making it a story we’d tell again and again.

Ready for an unforgettable walleye fishing adventure? Cobham River Lodge is your gateway to the thrill of reeling in a trophy walleye amidst the serene beauty of Manitoba’s wilderness. Our expert guides, top-notch facilities, and picturesque location provide the perfect setting for a fishing trip of a lifetime. Don’t just dream about the big catch—make it a reality! Book your trip today and get ready to create fishing tales that last a lifetime!

Well, that was easy. Just cast or troll, and up they come. Our system makes fishing for Walleye simple on your next Canadian fishing trip. We try and make it easy with our lodge, equipment, and staff to ensure you can concentrate on just one thing, fishing. So book your next Canadian fishing trip with Cobham River Lodge and SAVE.

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In addition to great Trophy Walleye, Cobham’s system is no stranger to monster trophy Northern Pike. Check out what our guests have been catching. After 40+ years of operation, our family-owned lodge has had Canada Record Pike, and Manitoba Province records in Trophy Walleye and Trophy Northern Pike. We make it easy whether it’s your first Canadian fishing trip with us or your 20th fishing trip to Canada with our detailed guide maps; these maps ensure you’ll be in the right spot in the first 10 minutes—no long boat rides required on this dual-river Interlake system.