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Canada Fishing – Frequently Asked Questions

Cobham River Lodge does not require a fishing guide for you to enjoy our fisheries. In fact most guest prefer to explore our waters on their own with our provided detailed guide maps. If navigating a boat does not sound ideal to you or you just want a care free day of fishing, a friendly and knowledgeably guide is available with advance notice.

One of our top priorities is to get you into the lodge or outpost by 8 am. This gives you the full days fishing with shore lunch on day one. Unlike other fly-in lodges that have to arrive late morning/early afternoon we feel you paid for a full days fishing not a half or quarter day.

Since our flights arrive at the lodge or outpost by 8 am the return flight back arrives at the air base before 10 am, weather permitting. That means you will be back in Winnipeg in time to catch the late afternoon flight home, or still have plenty of daylight for that drive home.

About 1/2 of our guests take fish home each year. You are allowed to take home 4 Walleye (8 filets) 21 inches and under and 2 Northern Pike (4 filets) 26 inches and under per fishing license. All Walleye greater than 21 inches and Northern Pike greater than 26 inches MUST be release. Cobham River slot limit has been recognized and enforced by Manitoba Government since 1990. This has lead to the trophy fishing Cobham River is known for.

More than 60 days Notice
If your reservation is cancelled more than 60 days from your scheduled arrival, we will refund all funds paid, less trip deposit. The retained deposit may be applied to another trip in the same or following calendar year.
Less than 60 days Notice
If your reservation is cancelled less than 60 days prior to your arrival date, your deposit will be forfeited and the balance received can be used on a another trip in the same or following calendar year.
NOTE: Reservations can be transferred or sold to another party.

Both Cobham River Lodge and Hidden Lake Outpost offer FREE wireless internet throughout the property.

If you have a Android or IPhone with WIFI calling, you will be able to receive and make calls from either the lodge or outpost property. In rare cases we have found that the carrier may block WIFI calling on US based phone due to connecting in Canada. Sprint users have reported this mainly. If you have this issue, Skype or Google Voice (free) Apps are good options, and there is always facetime.

Most of our guests make it a tradition to return year after year, sharing their piece of paradise with friends and family with hopes of even passing it down to the next generation. With very few dates available every year, we give our guests a short period of time to secure their dates before they are available to other inquiries.

Cobham River Lodge currently does not furnish depth finders. We do provide detailed lamented fisheries map of our waters. Usually 1 out of 20 guests bring a fish finder. If you plan on purchasing a depth finder for your trip, we suggest buying a inexpensive simple fish finder that preforms basic depth reading. Side scanning sonar are very nice, but really not needed for our waters. If you choose to bring a sonar depth finder, you can download the latest sonar maps of the Cobham River system and Hidden Lake into your sonar unit.
Cobham River Lodge; Average Depth 7.6 Meters (25 Feet), Deepest location 13.7 Meters (45 Feet)
Hidden Lake Outpost; Average Depth 3.6 Meters (12 Feet), Deepest location 6.1 Meters (20 Feet)

Of course, twilight fishing is prime time trophy fishing.  Isn’t trophy fishing the reason you booked the trip?

Cobham River Lodge offers three options for your outpost grocery needs.

Option 1: Guests can order their groceries at the local grocer and have your groceries delivered to the air base prior to your departure (Note: this option available for Winnipeg departure only).

Option 2: Guest can order their groceries through Cobham River Lodge and have your groceries waiting for you at the cabin upon your arrival.

Option 3: Guest can stop at any of the multiple grocery stores they will pass traveling through Canada to the air base and can do your own shopping.

Gratuities are an expression of your gratitude for service that is over and above your expectation.

We recommend one gratuity for the entire team, which will be equally distributed to every team member who worked on providing you with a wonderful experience. The amount of gratuity you provide is entirely up to you and you alone. As a guide, our past lodge guests have provided our staff a range of between 10% to 20% of their package price.

Hidden Lake and pilot gratuities are not expected and entirely up to you if you choose to.

Go fish!  Unlimited gas at the lodge and outpost.

At both Cobham River Lodge and Hidden Lake Outpost we have a large population of Moose, Black Bear, Beavers, Bald Eagles, Mink, and River Otters.  In addition, however more rare are Northern Caribou, Lynx, and the occasional Big Foot (so guest have said, still waiting for the photo.  My guess just a lynx screaming).

While quite a few lodges have upwards of 40+ guests at a time, making the most secluded place feel crowded. We take a different approach, smaller lodge (max occupancy of 16 guests at Cobham River lodge, 8 guests at Hidden Lake Outpost), which translates to better one on one service. You can reserve the whole lodge and 76,000 acres of fishing with a group of 12.
We get asked this question a lot, and looking at other lodge’s pricing structures its understandable why. We see lodges that include airfare from Thompson, MB, Island Lake, MB, even Yellow Knife, NWT. Which leaves you the added expense and headache figuring out how to get to a far away remote site just so you can start the trip you already paid for.

Well we make it simple:

All rates quoted on our website include airfare from Bissett, MB.
Bissett is a 3 hour drive from Winnipeg. Guests will plan to arrive the night before and stay at Northern Wings Bed and Breakfast.

For red carpet door to door service you can choose a Winnipeg departure. St. Andrews is a quick 15 minute drive from Winnipeg. Guests have many options from fine dining to local favorites, along with a wide range of hotels to choose from. Check out our Useful Destinations page for more information on Winnipeg choices.

Since we opened in 1976 we are the original and only lodge to hold the leases on our system in Manitoba. We have maintained high quality fish management for over 40 years, which is why Cobham River is known for trophy pike.

The nearest settlement is over 55 miles air miles away. So no one will swing by to ask if you have any smokes or spare fish.  The guests you had breakfast with is the only other boats you will see during your stay on the Cobham River.

Settlement distances to other area lodges:

  • Cobham River nearest settlement: Little Grand Rapids First Nation located on Family Lake Manitoba (Population: 1,174) – 94 KM (59 miles) air accessible.
  • Shinning Falls nearest settlement: Little Grand Rapids First Nation located on Family Lake Manitoba (Population: 1,174) – 19 KM (12 miles) boat accessible.

  • Amphibian Lake nearest settlement: Little Grand Rapids First Nation located on Family Lake Manitoba (Population: 1,174) – 30 KM (19 miles) boat accessible.

  • Dogskin Lake nearest settlement: Little Grand Rapids First Nation located on Family Lake Manitoba (Population: 1,174) – 46 KM (29 miles) boat accessible.

  • Sasaginnigak Lake nearest settlement: Little Grand Rapids First Nation located on Family Lake Manitoba (Population: 1,174) – 46 KM (29 miles) air accessible.

  • Aikens Lake nearest settlement: Hollow Water First Nation located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg Manitoba (Population: 1,021)- 64 KM (40 miles) air accessible.

Bissett air base is the Northern most float plane base on the East side of Lake Winnipeg. Cobham River Lodge is located 128 air miles North of Bissett air base (1 hour 10 minute flight by otter).

Bissett is also the furthest most road on the East side of Lake Winnipeg. Other than a float plane the only other way to get to Cobham River Lodge would to trek 128 miles through the Canadian wilderness on foot.

Distances to other area lodges from Bissett air base:

  • Cobham River – 206KM (128 Miles) – 70 minute flight

  • Amphibian Lake – 93KM (58 Miles) – 29 minute flight

  • Shinning Falls – 91KM (57 Miles) – 28 minute flight

  • Sasaginnigak Lake – 64KM (40 Miles) – 20 minute flight

  • Aikens Lake – 30 KM (19 Miles) – 9 minute flight