Get Hooked on Northern Pike Fishing with These Top Spoon Lures
Northern pike is a common freshwater fish all through northern hemisphere. Because of its fierce fighting ability, it is a popular game fish among fishermen. Fishing spoons work very well catching Northern Pike. Fishing spoons have been used for millennia and are still widely used today because of their adaptability and efficacy. This article will go over the different types of fishing spoons and how they can be used.

What Are Fishing Spoons?

The movements of small fish are replicated by fishing spoons, which are lures. Metal, plastic, or other materials are used to make a variety of sizes and shapes of fishing spoons. Normally, fishing spoons are attached to a fishing line using a swivel and a hook.

Because fishing spoons produce vibration and flash, which draw fish, it is possible to catch northern pike using them. Fishing spoons can be used for trolling, casting, and jigging.

Types of Fishing Spoons

Northern Pike fishing can be done with a variety of spoons. Each spoon has distinctive qualities and is made for particular fishing methods.

  1. Casting Spoons

Casting spoons are designed to be cast out and retrieved in a straight line. They are typically heavier than other spoons and can be cast over long distances.
Casting spoons are designed to be thrown and brought back in a single action. They may be cast long distances and are frequently heavier than other spoons.

  1. Trolling Spoons

Trolling spoons are designed to be pulled through the water behind a boat. They are typically lighter than casting spoons and have a more erratic action
The purpose of a trolling spoon is to be pulled through the water by a boat. They move more erratically and are often lighter than casting spoons. Northern Pike can be caught in deeper water with trolling spoons, which are good for covering a big area of water.

  1. Jigging Spoons

Jigging spoons are designed to be jigged up and down in the water column.
Jigging spoons are intended to be swung up and down in water. These spoons are useful for catching Northern Pike in shallow water since they are often smaller and lighter than other spoons. Jigging spoons can be used for ice fishing.

  1. Weedless Spoons

Weedless spoons are designed to be fished in weedy areas without getting caught on the vegetation.
Weedless spoons are made to be used while fishing in weedy areas without being entangled in the weeds. Often, they contain a weed barrier that prevents the hook from tangling with weeds. When catching Northern Pike in weedy regions, use weedless spoons.

How to Use Fishing Spoons

It takes some finesse and technique to use fishing spoons for Northern Pike. Here are some pointers for efficiently using fishing spoons:

  1. Use the Right Spoon

It’s crucial to select the best spoon for the fishing circumstances. Fishing in open water, for instance, can be more successful with a heavier casting spoon. On the other hand, a weedless spoon can be a better option if you are fishing in weedy areas.

  1. Vary the Retrieval Speed

Changes in retrieval speed can encourage Northern Pike strikes. See what works best by retrieving the spoon gently at first and then quickly.

  1. Experiment with Depth

Depending on the time of day and the temperature of the water, Northern Pike can be found at different depths. To find out where the fish are biting, try using different depths with fishing spoons.

  1. Use a Trailer Hook

Your chances of hooking a Northern Pike can be improved by using a trailer hook. A little hook that is fastened to the spoon’s leading hook is called a trailer hook. Having a second hook point improves the likelihood of catching the fish.

  1. Use a Leader

By adding a leader, the fishing line can be protected from the Northern Pike’s teeth. The leader is the section of fishing line that attaches the lure to the main line. It has a decreased likelihood of being chewed through since it is often made of a more resilient material than the main line.

  1. Try Different Colors

Depending on the fishing conditions, different colored fishing spoons may be more productive. For instance, in clean water, natural hues like silver and gold may work well, but in murky water, brighter colors like chartreuse and orange may work better.

  1. Use a Scent

A fragrance can be used to attract Northern Pike to the fishing spoon. A fishing spoon or a trailer made of soft plastic can be decorated with fragrant attractants. Garlic and shrimp are popular scents for northern pike fishing.

  1. Fish Early and Late in the Day

When the water is cooler in the morning and evening, Northern Pike are more active. You can therefore boost your chances of capturing a Northern Pike by fishing during these times.

  1. Fish in the Right Season

Northern Pike are more active in the spring and fall when the water is colder. Hence, fishing at specific times of year might increase your chance of catching Northern Pike.

  1. Be Patient

Using fishing spoons to catch Northern Pike needs patience. Locating Northern Pike may take some time because they can be tough to find. Continue testing until you find the finest fishing sites and methods.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Spoons

  1. Mepps Syclops

The Mepps Syclops spoon’s unique shape creates a fluttering action that imitates wounded prey, attracting the attention of hungry Northern Pike.
A versatile spoon used in a variety of fishing scenarios is the Mepps Syclops. It is available in a variety of sizes and hues to complement the local baitfish. The spoon’s distinctive form produces a fluttering motion that resembles wounded prey and draws ravenous Northern Pike. The Mepps Syclops is a strong lure that can endure the teeth and harsh handling of these toothy predators. It is built of premium materials.

  1. Johnson Silver Minnow

Johnson Silver Minnow
For pike fishers, the Johnson Silver Minnow is a traditional spoon that they always use. It is a well-liked option for fishing in weedy regions where Northern Pike frequently hide because of its weedless design. The spoon’s wobbling motion also resembles that of a swimming baitfish, making it a tempting target for hungry predators. The Johnson Silver Minnow is a flexible lure for Northern Pike fishing since it comes in a range of sizes, from little to huge.

  1. Acme Kastmaster

Acme Kastmaster's unique design allows for long casts and fast retrieves, making it an effective lure for covering large water area.
Northern Pike fisherman are known for using the Acme Kastmaster spoon. Its distinctive form makes it an efficient lure for covering broad water areas since it enables long casts and quick retrieval. The spoon is a favorite with fish and anglers due to its realistic motion and shiny surface. You can pick the Acme Kastmaster that most closely resembles the local baitfish because it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

  1. Blue Fox Pixee Spoon

Blue Fox Pixee Spoon's unique shape and design create a realistic swimming action that imitates wounded baitfish, making it an easy target for hungry predators.
Anglers that fish for northern pike love the Blue Fox Pixee Spoon. Its distinctive form and construction produce a lifelike swimming motion that mimics injured baitfish, making it a simple meal for hungry predators. The spoon also stands out in murky water because to its shiny finish and vibrant colors, drawing the attention of neighboring fish. You can select the Blue Fox Pixee Spoon that most closely resembles the local baitfish by looking at the variety of colors and sizes it comes in.

  1. Eppinger Daredevil Spoon

Eppinger Daredevil Spoon
One enduring lure is the Eppinger Daredevil Spoon. Northern Pike find it to be an irresistible target because of the way it is made, which produces a wobbling, fluttering motion that mimics wounded prey. The spoon also stands out in murky water thanks to its vivid colors and reflective finish, drawing the attention of neighboring fish. You can select the Eppinger Daredevil Spoon that best complements the local baitfish by looking at its various sizes and colors.


The fishing spoon is an effective and versatile bait for catching Northern Pike. They come in a range of forms, sizes, and colors and are used in many different fishing strategies. The right method and spoon for the fishing conditions can increase your chances of catching Northern Pike. Northern Pike fishing using fishing spoons demands persistence and patience. You can use these suggestions combined with the right equipment to have a successful day fishing for Northern Pike.

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