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Cobham River Lodge
Fishing Report – July 20, 2019

Northern Pike on Outpost Lake in Canada | Cobham River Lodge
Steady action this week on the Cobham River! Mother nature has been kind to us with beautiful weather.

Northern Pike fishing close to home at “The Cut” continues to produce most of the larger pike.

Yesterday’s top fish came in at an impressive 121cm (48 inches). Great job James, nice fish!

Anglers have been frequenting the point for quick walleye fishing lately. And, of course, are eager to head back to the bays after catching the daily shore lunch. Some boats have discovered reasonably good results and we are seeing a few more walleye coming in.

Two 119cm (47 inches) and a handful of 109cm (43 inches) northern pike were released this week, showing us the size average is still holding up. I’m confident we will be seeing a few more large northern pike in the coming days.

Joy on the Cobham | Cobham River Lodge
The inner lakes have become very active over the last week. Making quick stops at the bays the norm.

Pike fishing to the North at the channel seems to be a solid choice. We have had very large strikes this week and most fish have been concentrated on or around the weed line edges. It can take some time to track them down but those committed to the endeavor are rewarded.

With a system forecast coming up it looks like we will have sunny skies with breezy afternoons for the next few days.

Beautiful and mostly calm on the inside of Elliot Lake inlet and around the points to the East sounds like a great thing to look forward to!

All of us here are ready to greet you and all of your friends new to us and long standing we welcome you all.

Until then, Take care and tight lines.

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