Fly in lodges out of Bassett Manitoba | Cobham River Lodge

Bissett air base is the Northern most float plane base on the East side of Lake Winnipeg. Cobham River Lodge is located 128 air miles North of Bissett air base (1 hour 10 minute flight by otter).

Bissett is also the furthest most road on the East side of Lake Winnipeg. Other than a float plane the only other way to get to Cobham River Lodge would to trek 128 miles through the Canadian wilderness on foot.

Distances to other area lodges from Bissett air base:

  • Cobham River – 206KM (128 Miles) – 70 minute flight

  • Amphibian Lake – 93KM (58 Miles) – 29 minute flight

  • Shinning Falls – 91KM (57 Miles) – 28 minute flight

  • Sasaginnigak Lake – 64KM (40 Miles) – 20 minute flight

  • Aikens Lake – 30 KM (19 Miles) – 9 minute flight


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