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Manitoba end of the Fishing Season Report

Manitoba Canada End of Season Fishing Report
The 2019 fishing season at Manitoba Canada’s Cobham River Lodge has come to an end. This marked our 43rd year of operations on the Cobham River.

By many metrics, this was the most successful season with continued investments the facilities underwent the usual repair and maintenance regime with the addition of some capital projects and renovations. The most notable was the updating of the fleet with flat bottom boats. Based on the feedback from our valued guests, these upgrades were well received and enjoyed by all.

At Cobham River Lodge, our overall goal for the 2019 fishing season was to hone our level of service with the intention of improving the guest experience, for all those that choose to spend a few days enjoying the unbelievable beauty and angling opportunities available in majestic Cobham River!  On the whole, we feel proud of and grateful for the efforts put forth by all the staff and crew at Cobham River Lodge.

Given the span and logistics associated with our operations and the overall feedback, we feel that we achieved our goal this year. Undoubtedly, there can be some instances where details were missed and service falls below expectations.  More so than praise, this feedback is crucial and extremely important as we strive to improve upon these mistakes.

For any of our guests or staff that provided this constructive feedback, we’d like to say thank you, and assure you all that we will continually strive to improve our delivery of a seamless and first class experience.

Manitoba Fishing Report
On a whole, the fishing throughout the 2019 season was quite good and the majority of guests experienced some great angling opportunities. Ample opportunities for northern pike were available throughout the system, and as the season progressed into June, feisty pike became increasingly abundant. For those anglers interested in putting their time in for walleye fishing, they were rewarded with some delicious table fare.

In addition to some fantastic fishing, the raw beauty of the Cobham River System provided a breathtaking backdrop while spending time on the water. We had many reports of exceptional wildlife presentations. Migrating birds, eagles, bears, playful beavers and moose all contributed to the overall experience that helps build to those lifelong memories we fondly reflect upon.

As we compose this review our seasonal facilities are in various states of transition to their respective off-season rest. We should have everything secured and put to bed for the offseason over the next week, and planning for 2020 fishing season is already well underway!

Fishing Report Cobham River Lodge Manitoba Canada
A huge KUDOS to all the staff here at Cobham River Lodge that make this all possible. We couldn’t do this without any of you. Great job everyone!  It’s a real treat to work with such a unique group of individuals every day.

We would also like to thank Blue Water Aviation as well as Amik Aviation for their unwavering support that allows us to facilitate such an amazing experience in such a beautiful place on earth.

Last and most importantly a heartfelt thank you to all our guests that choose to take a trip with Cobham River Lodge.  Without you, none of this is possible. We genuinely appreciate the relationships that have been built over the years and we look forward to many more “fishing tales” in the years ahead.

Thank you all for making the 2019 fishing season one for the record books!

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