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Cobham River Lodge
Fishing Report – June 23, 2019

Canada Monster Pike Fishing | Cobham River Lodge
June is living up to its reputation as prime time for northern pike fishing here at Cobham River Lodge!

Sam Grooms and Donald Antrim was fishing somewhere near The Straits to Elliot (exact location undisclosed) when they got a real bite. According to the Sam the fish nearly emptied the reel on the first run and proceeded to drag them around the river for quite some time.  Rumor has it the may have had difficulty with their outboard.  After wearing each other down during an epic battle, Sam prevailed – finally managing to get the fish close enough for Don to put it in the net. Before being released this pike came in at 114cm (45 inches). What a tank!!! Congratulations guys!

A reel adventure frozen in this Northern Pike Photo.
Jeff Pallister’s fish is a beauty for sure, and there have been MANY memorable tussles with big fish this past week.  It was very fitting that Sam, Don, Jeff and the rest of the guests on that trip enjoyed some epic fishing that saw 12 pike over that magical 106cm (42 inches) mark released as well as numerous others in the mid to high 90cm (36 inch) size range. Great fish, great friends, great memories…

Aside from the great pike fishing, the walleye is still hard to get away from. It seems like no matter where you drop a line, whether it be for Pike, perch or whitefish, walleye is getting in the way and scarfing down whatever they can. Not a terrible problem to have, and great to see so many quality walleyes again this year.

Until next week, all the best! And don’t forget to check your knots!

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