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Warmest Holiday Greetings

Fall freeze comes to Northern Family fishing at this Canadian Fishing Lodge
Well we all know 2020 didn’t go as planned and prove to be one of the strangest years in our lifetimes.  This has been a difficult year for so many reasons but as December winds down, Cobham River Lodge would like to take this opportunity to wish our guests, staff and their families a safe and peaceful holiday season.

With the COVID vaccine currently being distributed we are confident on having a June 2021 opening and looking forward to seeing so many new and returning guests. Our experienced crew has confirmed their desire to spend the summer again at Cobham River Lodge as they all are looking to get back on the water.

2021 is on the horizon and it is pretty much guaranteed that better things are to come!

Should you be looking for that special trip in 2021, take some time over the holidays to contact your fishing partners, chose a date to fish with us & just book it! There is no time like today!

Again, from all of us at Cobham River Lodge we wish you the very best for 2021 and look forward to staying in touch.

Kindest Regards,

Dick, Matt and Ryan Hebel

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