Cobham River Lodge Pre-Trip Fishing Planner

Your Canada fishing trip is getting close! Please take a moment to help us prepare for your arrival. The following information lets us pre-process your Manitoba fishing licenses and document your travel arrangements. It also ensures that we can contact you should there be any last-minute charter flight notifications.

Please consult the Manitoba Angling Guide for current fishing regulations.

If you have any changes to the requested information after filling out the form, please email [email protected] rather than submitting a new form.

We take your privacy extremely seriously: This is a secure form, and the information provided will only be used for the intended purpose.

Note:  All line items with a * is required for submission

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Being a past guest, we have your Manitoba license ID on file.  No additional information is needed.

Thank you for fishing, Cobham River Lodge. Welcome Home!

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Your Fishing License status will be noted as self-provisioned.  No additional information is needed.