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When most people try and think of a healthy outdoor activity, seldom does fishing come to mind. To the uninitiated, the sport of fishing can’t offer the same kinds of benefits as something like hiking or biking. But, in fact, fishing offers numerous boosts to your health and physical well-being, and it’s a fun and rewarding sport, as well. Like hiking or biking, fishing is a low-impact activity that’s low stress, and it keeps you moving for hours. That means it’s good for your heart. But fishing is also good for your brain and the rest of your body.

Huge Northern Pike Fishing | Cobham River Lodge

  1. Strenuous workout from landing trophy pike.
  2. Using full body – arms, legs, shoulders.
  3. Working fine motor skills for baiting hooks, untangling reel, etc.
  4. “Unplugging” from daily stress and office / home life.
  5. Proven lower blood pressure and heart rate from being outside in nature.
  6. Fresh air – high oxygen and low pollution.
  7. Vitamin D – being out in the sun tops up your Vitamin D levels

It’s also a relaxing sport that recharges your brain and helps you focus on something other than the daily routine. And, as most people who enjoy fishing will attest, you get quite the shot of endorphins and adrenalin when you get that strike on your line, or the joy you feel when you reel in the big one. That’s why people who fish have become “hooked” on the experience.

Make your next vacation a HEALTHY fishing vacation!

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