We get asked this question a lot, and looking at other Manitoba lodge’s pricing structures its understandable why. We see Manitoba fly in lodges that include airfare from Thompson, MB, Island Lake, MB, even Yellow Knife, NWT. Which leaves you the added expense and headache figuring out how to get to a far away remote airport just so you can start the fly in fishing trip you already paid for.

Well we make it simple:

All rates quoted on our website include airfare from Bissett, MB.
Bissett is a 3 hour drive from Winnipeg. Guests will plan to arrive the night before and stay at Papertown Inn.

For red carpet door to door service you can choose a Winnipeg departure. St. Andrews is a quick 35 minute drive from Winnipeg. Guests have many options from fine dining to local favorites, along with a wide range of hotels to choose from. Check out our Useful Destinations page for more information on Winnipeg choices.