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COVID 19 Canada Border Closure

How COVID 19 Canada border closure affects you Canada fishing trip

COVID 19 Canada Border Closures
Sadly, after carefully consideration, Cobham River Lodge has decided to cancel the entire 2020 season.  We thank our guests for their patience and cooperation as we have all lived through the frustrations and anxieties created by COVID 19 Canada border closures.

While Ryan has had many conversations with many of you who really wanted to see this season happen, we went on for as long as we could, exploring every avenue, always looking for a path that could make our 2020 season happen. Unfortunately, as each path was charted, the challenges and obstacles to open this year just kept growing.

The final unforeseen obstacle was when we received notification this past week with one of our air charters decided to not change any of his fleet over to float planes for the 2020 season.  The cause of their decision was due lodges cancelling their 2020 seasons due to COVID-19 Canada border closures and demand is not there to cover the costs to make the change from wheels to floats.  While this was the final nail in the 2020 season coffin, there was a long list of obstacles that have yet to be worked out:

  • Over 50% of our guests fly into Winnipeg to start their trip to Cobham River Lodge.  Airlines have severely cut their schedules, making just getting to Canada this summer difficult, even if the current COVID 19 Canada border closure is lifted.  Many guests have been unable to reschedule their June flights to a later date/time in the season that matches our floatplane departure schedule.
  • Canada’s current mandatory 14-day quarantine period for all international travelers which will run well into the summer and perhaps all of 2021. While there is rumor this will be lifted sometime this summer, no date has been given from the government.

This would have been Cobham River Lodge’s 45th season and we know how much all our guests love their Canada fishing trip and how much our staff loves to make guest’s fishing trip memorable. So, with great sadness, we must cancel the 2020 Canada fishing season. There is just no way to pull it off, either safely or legally.

The question on your mind: What do I need to do? Answer: Nothing.

Your Canada fishing trip will be moved to the 2021 season with the same great Canada fishing and same great Cobham River staff. While the prices for 2021 will be going up, we will honor you fishing trip at our 2020 rates.  We will work with each group to ensure that all details for your 2021 fishing trip are covered. The 2021 fishing trip invoice you receive will reflect all payments received for your 2020 fishing trip.

Guests that have sent in final payments during the past 90 days: We have NOT deposited those payments: In the coming weeks you will be receiving your payments returned to you via postal service.

Guests that have made full payment/deposits for their 2020 trip: All monies have been transferred to your 2021 fishing trip.

Guests that have cancelled prior to our COVID 19 announcement: Those guests please refer to our cancellation policy: Frequently Asked Questions – Cobham River Lodge

We will be here for you in 2021 and beyond. For our entire Cobham River staff, I want to thank everyone one of you for your patience, cooperation, and support. We will miss bantering with you over breakfast, at shore lunch and during dinner.  As you are not just a guest, but a good friend. Stay safe and be careful until we all get through this pandemic.

We will see you on the dock next summer.

UPDATE: Government Canada has placed an online COVID 19 Canada border entry questionnaire to determine Canada border crossing restrictions.  The COVID 19 Canada border entry questionnaire can be found at: Find out if you can enter Canada

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