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It’s been another great week here at our lodge nestled in northern Manitoba Canada. Weather has been fantastic with the wind holding off until the afternoons. And you can’t really ask for better pike fishing than what we are experiencing at the moment! East River bays and Interlake area remain extremely productive with large numbers of trophy pike being released from dawn till dusk.

Manitoba Trophy Pike Fishing Report

There has been some great pike fishing on the West River bays this week as well. Many anglers are getting a near-instant response as soon as the bait hits the water!

With the high-water, bait fish are in abundance this season.  Some anglers have been targeting the inner tree line by running shallow and fast with varied results. Some feedback I have received on this is that there are so many bait fish that small spoons work best at enticing the larger pike out from the trees. Moving into July we will be able to target pike with a little more intensity as the weed beds boundaries are more defined and waters levels hopefully return to normal.  The size average will just keep going up as we move through the summer.

As a special note we have been seeing several Golden Eagles over the past week. These birds are quite large and can’t be missed as they effortless glide through the skies, they are quite the sight to behold!

I hope you all are doing well; the Cobham crew are eager to greet you upon arrival. Looking forward to your visit soon!

Take care and tight lines!

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