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The fishing at Cobham River Lodge continues to be on fire! Day after day, happy anglers are hitting the dock with photos of released trophy northern pike. The weather has been absolutely perfect; slightly overcast skies and intermittent sunshine. All of our fishing grounds have been easily accessible thanks to these ideal conditions, and guests have taken the opportunity to explore the area and enjoy the scenery.

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The Interlake area continue to be the hot spot and boats are seeing non-stop action, with northern pike in the 38-to-49-inch range. As days go by, we are continuing to see more sizable pike, and have had over 25 fish come in this week at 40 inches or more.

The weed line fishing has also been exceptional at Cobham River, offering an ample bounty of northern pike and tasty walleye.

With fishing as unreal as it is right now, there is no better time to visit us at Cobham River Lodge. Our crew is looking forward to your arrival and can’t wait to get you out on our legendary fishing grounds.

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