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Days are getting shorter and there’s finally a chill in the morning air here at Cobham River Lodge heading towards September. After surviving last week’s barrage of wind and rain we’re enjoying clear, sunny days and light winds – a welcome change!

Fishing continues to be steady with anglers finding northern pike in the majority of the usual spots. Now that the weather is cooperating a little more, boats are heading back to their favorite bays to fish northern pike is the high grass bays North of the lodge.

Best Northern pike fishing in Manitoba Canada
There is so much pristine water to fish here at Cobham River. Horseshoe is at the center of our area and provides not only great fishing areas but sheltered spots on those days where the wind gets up.

Northern Pike is still moving through and guests have been encountering most action in northern areas. Bays above horseshoe through to the straits has seen some decent numbers of pike.

Walleye fishing has been literally non-stop. Boats that are venturing away from the regularly fished areas are reporting walleye in ridiculous numbers.

Two more trips to go and our 2022 season will come to a close. We look forward to seeing you all up here with us, either this season or next, for some great fishing and enduring memories.

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