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With blue sky this morning and an abundance of fish in you couldn’t pick a more beautiful or fishy place than right here at Cobham River Lodge! “The water is calm and the fish are biting” is a phrase that has been resonating throughout the lodge more than ever this season.

Canada Family Pike Fishing
August is a special month here on the river. We see the northern pike size move up, and with a strong run of walleye it really can’t be beat. Average size of our pike is holding steady with a slight increase to help keep the attention of our anglers. For the week, several master northern pike have been released. On the first day of the current trip, we have had 2 already.

With schools of walleye moving through, anglers can expect the unexpected! From the surface right down to the depths these walleyes are hitting with a vengeance. It’s not uncommon to be dropping your jig and not even make it to your depth before, FISH ON!

Walleyes continue to fill our fish strings and most of the time you don’t even need to leave the pike fishing grounds to find them. This makes things a kind of one stop shop for many anglers and can happen fast.

Caribou, eagles, and bear sightings are happening with frequency. This adds to the overall experience and is quite the spectacle to see. The wildlife here in our waters and on land is a blessing to behold and as your visit approaches, we can’t wait to share it with you!

If you have been already this year, the memories will never fade. If you are yet to arrive, returning or new to the Cobham River experience, we welcome you and look forward spending some time on the water with you.

Until then, tight lines and take care!

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